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Seasonal Sharing - Autumnal Equinox

Seasonal Sharing -- Pondering on the Autumnal Equinox, the Divine, and the Depths of Love

Have you ever felt the driving need to BREATHE? That away from it all feeling to step outside yourself and walk the Otherworld? And this is why I am standing beneath the vast, unending Arizona sky, surrounded by the sprawling expanse of the desert, reminded of the deep connection between the Autumnal Equinox, the Divine, and the depths of our love.

It's a moment of celestial balance, this time of day and night sharing the same fleeting space, and in this transition, the question echoes in my mind: "How deeply do we engage with Other, with Deity?"

The Arizona desert in autumn is a paradox of beauty. While other regions are painted with the fiery hues of falling leaves, here, the landscape boasts a stark simplicity, with muted tones of sand and rock. Yet, as the sun's rays cast long shadows across the arid terrain, I sink into wondering, like the balance of day and night, our connection to the Divine is ever-present and constantly shifting. Can we recognize that the Divine is not an external force but an integral part of us? And how deep is that connection?

In the silence of the desert, I feel the Divine's presence all around me. It's in the gentle breeze that brushes my skin, in the rustle of desert plants, and in the stillness of this sacred space. I experience the Divine as imminent and intrinsically linked with the natural world.

As I stand here on the cusp of the Autumnal Equinox, I'm reminded that love and spirituality are interconnected. To love deeply is to recognize that the Divine is me, but also Them. In this Arizona desert, where the land and the sky stretch endlessly, I find a profound sense of unity and connection with the Divine and the depths of love that flow through all existence.

And may it always be so.

Blessed be.


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