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Books by Patricia Ballentine 

Available here in paperback and Kindle formats.

This book is inspired by a conversation with the author's young grandson as he shared his fears and beliefs about witches.

There are many signs (or symbols) that represent what people believe. By looking into our own hearts we discover the place where my sign and your sign touch. It is the place where fear is turned into love, and where we begin to understand what is true and what is not.

Understanding what makes us different is an important step in recognizing how similar we are.

Though written in the genre of a children’s story book and inspired by actual conversations with a child, there is a tale to be told for the adults who face the challenges of understanding what is true, and what is not about religious differences.

Available here in paperback

and Kindle formats. 

Please see your device's bookstore for additional ebook formats.

Many childhood experiences tragically set the stage for lives filled with grief, pain and shame.


Reduced to Abundance is one woman’s story of beauty as she chose to create her own recipe for healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Incest, a shattered family and the core wounds associated were aspects of her tragic beginning. She courageously chose to break family patterns, abandon religious and social norms, and create a life that embraces the essential and purposeful aspect of each experience in her life.

Life Elements 2023 Sample Cover.jpg

Available here as a digital download in PDF format.


The 2023 Life Elements Journal is a powerful tool for personal transformation based on a deep relationship with Nature and the energies of the elements.

You can simply enjoy the beautiful artwork and use the weekly planner or you can dig in and become your own Beauty-Filled expression of the Divine. 

The tools are at hand...
The choices are yours.


  1. Weekly planner journal format

  2. Phase of the moon

  3. Astrological energies 

  4. Wheel-of-the-Year Sabbat clues and correspondences

  5. Guides for creation of altars and integrating the 8-step Wheel-of-the-Year energies for deep personal transformation.

  6. 20 images of Patricia Ballentine artwork

  7. Monthly essays for inspiration

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