The Temple of the Creative Flame is a temple of the Goddess serving the greater Pagan community.

  • WE are a temple for thinkers and lovers of life, building bridges through ceremony, ritual and dialogue within safe and sacred space.

  • ALL are welcome who come with open minds and open hearts. 

  • WE SERVE through a unified alignment with courageous hearts and compassionate minds. 

The Temple of the Creative Flame is not static nor based upon a particular tradition or dogma. Our foundation is Nature-based Spirituality and some aspects organically change depending upon community participation and needs. We believe that elemental, planetary, and natural energies are always present when we gather. How we engage or interact with those energies is reflective of community joining in prayer, celebration, reflection, meditation, creative expression, and ritual.

We  have been serving the community since 1999. Created by Patricia Ballentine, the Temple is now guided through the partnership of Patricia and Cynthia Cebuhar.

Patricia and Cynthia strive to model, facilitate, and enliven connection to the Divine as each individual understands and experiences, rather than leading anyone along a particular path. Mentoring and educational instruction is available across traditions.

The Temple of the Creative Flame offers a true interfaith and interconnecting experience for participants.

Cynthia Cebuhar, BA, MA, MDiv. As co-director for Temple of the Creative Flame in Arizona, I serve as priestess in several capacities:

  • Liturgical design for ritual and ceremony, with a special emphasis on interfaith celebrations in many settings.

  • Officiating life cycle events such as weddings, handfastings, baby namings, house blessings, and end-of-life memorials.

  • Spiritual mentoring and educational instruction across traditions.

  • Writing and public speaking.

Patricia 2020.jpg

Patricia Ballentine, Founder of the Temple of the Creative Flame.

I have served a diverse community as priestess, process facilitator, liturgist, and ordained minister since 1999.

Residing in northern Texas, U.S.A. I am focusing on end life transitions as a Certified Death Midwife.

Events and Classes

Sabbat celebrations and other events are primarily promoted though our public Facebook page "The Temple of the Creative Flame." 

 Please contact us to reserve space or request additional information on any events, workshops, or classes.