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Earth Day - Earth Mother Prayer

The Earth is our Mother.

She is not only our home planet….She is the womb we have evolved through, lived within and to which our bodies will return at the end of our lives.

Let us know that we are sitting, rooted directly into the body of the Mother. Let us be in a place of knowing that only as the planet evolves do we evolve. We are drawing up through our roots the essence of the Goddess Mother and through the vibrations and synergistic energies we are becoming one with each other, above and below we are becoming a Grove.

From this place in evolution let there be no thought of separation. The Earth that holds us allows for a joining at the roots. The water that flows sustains each of us indiscriminately, and the air that rustles our leaves bends our branches as we embrace each other. And, the flame of passion for unity fuel the transformation. So Mote it Be!

Let us be the Sacred Groves, guardians of our Beloved Mother.


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