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I believe that whether we have artistic talent or not we are all artists and our lives are our canvas, instrument, or page. Painter or engineer, student or poet, these questions apply:

Are we just throwing color on the canvas of life with no thought of whether it will stick or what kind of mess we will leave after we're done?

Are we paying attention to where the paint lands and how the colors blend?


Are we minimizing the mess and noticing if we are enjoying the creative process?



Are we approaching our creation with a sense of awe, a degree of focus and a plan for the design? Do we surrender our steady hand to the guidance of the higher impulse of intuition in order to create our living work of Beauty?  

It's all art...but it’s not all Beauty.

Over the years I have become known as an integrated artist because I have accomplished some degree of blending the right and left brain in my creative expressions. With an engineering background and more than 40 years of experience as an industrial designer, I mastered the ever changing tools of that trade. Beginning on the drawing board using dial calipers, square and compass, with time I ran state of the art CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) systems and owned my own businesses for most of that career.


Along a parallel path my visual art, once created on paper with pencil, pastels and paint evolved to be predominately digital with much of the complex geometry developed with that same CADD software used to design mechanical systems and detail structures. Today I embrace both. I stay current enough with technology to continue to create the complex and highly accurate geometric images and I always have a sketchpad near at hand as I nurture and refine my freehand and illustration skills. 

Patricia by Holly.png

I suppose I am a bit of a renaissance woman. As I age I am refining the areas within which I choose to move and express. Still working on occasion in the engineering world, I am an artist, a poet and published author, ordained minister, Priestess, and Certified Death Midwife.


In reality, I am a woman on a journey of beauty and wholeness. If I have accomplished anything it is the ability to blend the best of various aspects of myself into a living expression that I completely own and honor.

Some parts of my life have not been very pretty, but I strive to find the beauty within each.

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