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Sunday Sharing - And then there is the Cauldron of Poesy…

From medieval Irish writing is a poem entitled “The Cauldron of Poesy.” Briefly, it describes creative spaces within folks into which flow Powers of Inspiration. It is a fascinating study and deserving of a substantial separate treatment. I highly recommend reading and meditating on the work, as it can be life changing. Recently, my meditation on the second cauldron, the Cauldron of Vocation, led me to consider what to share from my heart--my profound sadness but hopefulness for better days.

The attention media gives to tragedies in the world continues, prioritizing and cataloging the failures of us as a species. Solutions come from all quarters of the globe, from every government, culture, and belief system, yet tragedy continues to unfold all around us. I can understand isolationist mindsets, whether it entails refraining from listening to the evening news or extending to entire nations locking down their borders, exiting trade agreements, and enacting restrictive legislation. It is difficult to not focus on the negativity. It is pervasive and insidious, feeding itself to create itself, a self-perpetuating monster. It can be overwhelming and difficult to discuss with others whose beliefs strongly conflict with my own, and it is within this context where I find my relationship with the Cauldron of Vocation.

As a means to help me personally counter some of the effects of the monster’s methodology, it’s been helpful to reflect on what is good and true in my life, connecting with those of similar belief, and working to support and encourage each other in ways beneficial to all.

I find inspiration in seeing people develop insight, face and overcome challenges. I find inspiration in the lives of my children and loved ones as we accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and love each other in spite of ourselves. I find inspiration in having a dream, then working to see the dream turn into reality.

However, I cannot hide my head in the sand. I am concerned with the loss of a sense of the sacred in the world outside of my sphere of influence. It touches every aspect of society I encounter. We are, indeed, living in Tower Times.

The three aspects of the Cauldron of Poesy are powerful in their own right. I have found personal truth through meditating on these aspects and respect their wisdom.

As an aid for working with the cauldrons, I wrote the following invocation to use when opening the cauldron meditations:

Through awareness, may I connect.

Through connection, may I understand.

Through understanding, may my awareness increase.

Then I recite the following when my meditation is completed:

As I seek and find inspiration, may I recognize and know truth.

And, in truth, may the resulting solutions inspire me to address concerns and implement remedies regardless of borders for myself, my family, my community, and the world.

So it is and blessed be.

In the coming days, may we journey forward with clear minds.

Blessed be.


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