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Sunday Sharing -- A few Elemental thoughts, as Summer Solstice approaches

Fire and Air are the most subtle of the Elements. While Water and Earth have in common that they can be seen and touched, Air and Fire have in common that they are forms without substance, or at least without a substance we experience as solid.

Air is the most subtle of the elements, as we cannot see or touch it; we see its impact on things, and we feel its impact on us. Fire, though, is similar to Air in that we cannot touch it; Fire presents us with vision. Even though it is not a form we can physically embrace, we can see it. It is experienced half in a world of mystery and half in the world that is physically present with us. It is the Element of vision and of Vision.

Some know Fire as the “Living Element,” and that is where we find that we are kin to it. It is the only Element of the four that cannot exist without consuming. We understand this well, as we are the Human Element, which also must consume. As with the Element of Fire, we are creative and destructive. We take in, transform, and expel; we create.

We know this Element well at an ancient place of creation and transformation. At this primal place of metamorphic knowing, we are one with it. We know what it is like to consume to exist and to transform to continue.

As we consume to live, we are one with Fire. By our breath, we are Air; by our blood, we are Water; by our bones, we are Earth; but oh-so-powerfully by our very life force, our drive, our desire to live and to do what that requires, we are Fire.

Blessed be.

Lady Cynthia


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