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A Beltane Fire Meditation

Begin by sitting comfortably, feet on the floor and hands free and relaxed. Focus on your hands… they move, and how they feel.

1) Begin by moving your fingers, shaking your hands gently, wrists comfortably flexible. Wiggle those fingers….rotate the wrists until your palms are facing up.

Air, surround me

2) Now, gently bring your palms together and slowly, rub them together…then rub a bit more vigorously creating friction and warmth.

Fire, ignite me

3) Move that energy around the outside of your hands, as if you are washing your hands in the energy you have created – rub your joints, wring your hands caringly.

Water, wash over me

4) Now, slowly fold your hands together, palms touching, fingers interlocking.

Earth, support me…..

Deep bow to Lady Cynthia Cebuhar for the inspired meditation.

From our Temple and hearts to your hearth, mind, and hearts.....Beltane Blessings!


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