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Sunday Sharing -- Summer Solstice and a bit more Fire

From Lady Cynthia

The Wheel turns as we move into the Summer Solstice (Litha) season. Here in Arizona, it can feel as though we live this solstice year-round. The Element of Fire, with its awe-inspiring energies, can be overwhelming. Yet, the Summer Solstice and its rich history can also be spiritually nourishing. Our relationship with it rises from deep within our cauldron of being, invoking a sense of reverence and connection.

My relationship with the Element of Fire provides me with lessons in:

̇ The willingness to take in life, grasp it, and let it transform me.

̇ The willingness to hang onto the bright things and release that which no longer serves.

̇ The willingness to experience my extremes and what is indwelling.

̇ The willingness to seek, to constantly journey, explore, and evolve.

̇ The willingness to secure and defend what matters the most.

̇ The willingness to reach for the stars. No limits except beyond what I can imagine, and maybe not even then.

̇ The willingness to trust, give over, abandon, surrender, sacrifice, release, and experience ecstasy – all forms of faith, hope, and belief.

Notice that each of the above begins with “The willingness to.” This goes back to the axiom of “To Will” – as to will and as to be willing. It is all about choice at the personal level. I decide what to do or not to do. This power of choice, represented by the Element of Fire, is a source of empowerment and freedom.

Fire is the point of the blade when it comes to choice. For me, an athame is a tool for the Element of Fire, because the blade as I hold it represents the connection to the core, the strong and assertive part of me. Metal and soul, transformed by alchemy. Then there is a point, the tip of the blade, where I become something. It is the point of my decisions, the choices I make at the energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The point of the blade is the place at the end of Flame where it rises and then gives over to something else. The power of Fire is the willingness to bring in, consolidate, and from that indwelling place to bring something to the point of release. Willingness is a declaration of determination. Nothing in the above list would happen if I did not declare they would be so. Fire is the burning, roaring, and life-altering power of choice.

Fire tells me to take in what I experience and feel (Air/Water), and let my deep knowing and instinct guide me. Fire, with its instinctual and intuitive nature, will not overthink or over-analyze. It will not be mired in conflicting emotions; it will simply experience fully and let something be and evolve. Within the scope of the Element of Fire, I do not have to prove what I believe; within Fire, I explore instinct and expectation. The knowing and what that might become. Belief and trust.

Blessed Summer Solstice. Blessed be.

Lady Cynthia Cebuhar

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Jun 16

Solstice Blessings to you and all of yours!

love Lauren

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