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Speaking Spiritual Truth

Interfaith work has taught me the importance of walking your talk, of speaking our truth, of the opportunity each of us has to “bear witness with our lives” and live with integrity. People of faith can work together. Our lives and our futures are worth it!

We quickly learn through interfaith endeavors that “my truth may not be your truth.” However, understanding your truth may provide insights on how I may better articulate what I believe and embrace as true for me.

My spirituality is Earth-centric--it is what I believe.

I embrace that:

Witches and the Craft are real.

Witchcraft is not like Hollywood special effects, except when the Winds suddenly arrive when I’ve called Air, Lightning flashes and candle Flames rise, and Raindrops fall from a clear sky when Fire and Water are invited. And, when called, Earth reveals herself when a light Quake is felt and a Deep Groan is heard. Then, profoundly, the Clouds separate and reveal the Full Moon in all Her radiant Divinity--my personal experiences.

My practice is based on the religion of Wicca, and I am a Witch, a Priestess of the Goddess,

and I am Pagan.

My advice? Live with integrity, walk your talk, and respect others’ paths.

May you be blessed.

“Thank You for this day on Earth

Ancient Mother who gave me birth

Healing Mother who keeps me strong

Crone Mother who brings each new dawn.”

(Abby Willowroot 1999)

Blessed be.


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