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Root Work

There is a sacred place I journey to on a regular basis. Because I no longer live geographically close, I trust my imagination to carry me there when I hear the call or feel the need.

It didn't surprise me to be awakened at 2:52 a.m. this morning. Like many folks I know, falling to sleep took me through restless thoughts about current events and ways to be of service or make a difference. Dreams were infused with these thoughts and being awakened at that early hour set me into my ritual of imagining myself in my sacred place.

She is an ancient tree in the high country of Arizona. Seeing Her for the first time....being called to Her....set me on the mystical, Nature infused path that is my foundation today. My ritual is to transport myself to Her and nest safely inside Her womb surrounded by the land spirits and the Alligator Juniper that She is akin to.

For over 25 years this Earth Mother has held my attention, taught me lessons, and sent me messages. During this time I have watched her womb open up. I have explored the botanical and metaphysical aspects of her species. In recent years Tanja Bara, my spirit sister, and I experienced synchronistic images in the flames of the burning Juniper that lead to deeper understanding of the history of the land and early inhabitants of that Arizona high country.

Last night, as She received me into Her womb the message was about roots. As I was pondering throughout the day today...sorting and weaving the pieces of my dreams, my imaginings, and the Earth Mother messages I was guided to an answer.

Work with the roots.

There are 9 species of Juniper that grow in Ukraine. A bit of research revealed information that there is a Juniper in Kanaka Reserve that is 3,000 years old, and a Juniper on Sarych Cape is approximately 4,000 years old. (500 Exceptional Trees of Ukraine, Published in 2011)

I am imagining the roots. I'm tapping into another way to focus, expand and send energies that align with the potent work being done by others.

And so, beginning tonight when I make my journey into the womb of the Earth Mother I'll take a vision of a sister tree in Ukraine rooted deep and standing strong, offering protection and resistance to the theft of Her people's homes and land. I'm following the lead of the Juniper.

I feel less restless tonight. I have a plan....root work.

Dreamstime is prepared to help contributing photographers and artists in Ukraine by awarding 100% royalties for all their downloads since the Russian invasion, and will donate 5% of our revenue, the upcoming batch of our Dreamstime Giving Fund to an NGO that is active in helping the humanitarian cause of Ukraine. Our immediate thought goes with the war refugees and if you have suggestions where help is most needed in this direction, feel free to send us an email here or visit this page.

We realize this is a drop in the ocean, so we call everyone to support Ukraine and peace. Everything counts.

To Ukraine, with love.


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