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Mary Magdalene

An original poetic offering by Cynthia Cebuhar

In ancient times, where shadows roamed,

A tale of Magdalene was sown,

A pagan heart, she did embrace,

In sacred groves, her steps did trace.

Within her eyes, a mystic gleam,

A vessel of the moon's soft beam,

She danced amidst the whispering trees,

A goddess graced with mysteries.

In groves of oak and silver birch,

Her voice would soar, her heart would search,

For truths untold, and wisdom grand,

From nature's touch, she'd understand.

Her spirit rose like soaring doves,

Through realms of stars, through skies above,

She touched the veil of the divine,

A bridge between the worlds did twine.

In sunlit glades, her love did bloom,

A sacred union, nature's womb,

The Earth's embrace, her lover's kiss,

A pagan bond, a sacred bliss.

But whispers cruel began to spread,

Of worldly sins, they wrongly said,

Yet steadfast, she would not bow low,

To judgments from a false tableau.

For she was more than they could see,

A priestess of the land and sea,

A pagan soul with love profound,

A mystic heart forever bound.

In every corner of the earth,

Her name resounds in endless mirth,

A beacon shining through the years,

Of love's embrace, devoid of fears.

So let us sing a pagan song,

For Mary Magdalene, fierce and strong,

In nature's arms, her spirit free,

An archetype for you and me.

Artwork: Mary Magdalene by Luca Signorelli (1504)


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