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Sunday Sharing - Knowing

One of my favorite definitions of the word Pagan is something I read years ago that a Pagan is someone who worships what they can actually see.

We honor all those very familiar things–the sun and moon above us, the ground beneath our feet, the trees, plants, and animals around us. I think that this reverence for everyday things is extremely important to being a Pagan because it reminds me that everything is sacred in its own way and deserves respect in its own right.

Sometimes it isn’t as simple as worshipping these things as they are. Using imagination, humans have assigned deities to many of these and in rituals, have invoked deities rather than the thing itself. But still, for example, calling upon Apollo or Diana or Gaia or Pan or any construct of deity, we are still evoking those very basic forces of the sun, the moon, the earth, and living things.

Sleep is not coming for me tonight. Waking, journaling, trying to make sense of a knowing, of profound realizations that all will be well, for in Her, I live and move and have my being. The spiritual sense of caring for those who gather in Her name is also in that movement of life within Her.

The subtleties of priestessing--that energetic flow between myself and Other--are becoming less subtle. I know Her presence. It moves from Her through me to family, to the wider community, then returns to nurture me and flow back through Her.

At times, the energetic is ecstatic and joyous. It can also be sorrowful and painful. Even though words may not be spoken, I can sense the energetic flow, the tempos and rhythms of the human heart are unmistakable. The dance of life continues.

She says, "All will be well," and I trust that.

Blessed be.

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