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Is magic ordinary?

A last follow-up to a line of questions that have been asked of me.

"So, if prayer is ordinary, can the same be said for magic?"

Well, "it depends."

From an earlier Sunday Sharing:

For me, "Magic isn't the same as coffee, bagels, and the morning news. It doesn't fit into convenient definitions that can be pinned up alongside science and reason, something readily available to compare and contrast. Magic isn't necessarily understandable--but that doesn't make it unbelievable either. Magic isn't a gingerbread house in the dark forest, three bears who speak, fairy godmothers changing pumpkins to carriages or mice into horses. Instead, it is the glimpse we catch out of the side of our eyes, the shadow passing by from an unseen source, the unexpected breeze upon our necks--these are the glimpses of magic we see through a window into another world. It is little moments of wonder, different from all the other folderol and fiddledeedee that tumbles around us throughout the day--bits of time full of a prickly power that makes you amazed at life's possibilities, rather than routines. Magic is magical."

Blessed be.


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