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Celebrating 20 Years ~ An Inter-traditional Relationship

In November, Bishop Jorge Rodriguez Eagar celebrates the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Shrine of Holy Wisdom. For 20 years the Temple of the Creative Flame has co-created ceremonies, facilitated dialogue, and explored our unique spiritual and religious traditions in partnership with the Shrine.

A quest for common ground between a Goddess-centric community and a Christian community with a focus on the Divine Feminine has afforded a winding path over the years. In some ways our community leaders have grown stronger in our individual faith and practices through the process of learning and understanding about the faith and practices of others.

Common ground is also found in the deep seated relationship with Beauty and artistry as transformational qualities within ritual workings. Ritual has been an integral part of Bishop Jorge’s formation. By integrating visual and other artistic expressions as tools for healing and transformation, he reclaims the time-honored mystical power of ritual to assist in self-realization.

Summer Solstice Ritual 2018

The Temple of the Creative Flame recognizes the rarity of our unique relationship with the Shrine of Holy Wisdom. We continue to hold the vision of what can happen when a Pagan Priestess and a Catholic Priest stand shoulder to shoulder, respectfully open to the wisdom and experience of each.

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Oct 12, 2021

How wonderful! Thank you for sharing .....truly inspiring, a flame of friendship that lights the way for others to join hands and co-create.

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