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What is magic?

Another question was asked of me:

What is the purpose of magic?

My return question could be, what is the purpose of prayer, of novenas, petitioning the saints, laying on hands, anointing with holy oils, or sprinkling holy water?

I share a quote from an earlier Sunday Sharing:

"The entire point of magic is that it has a purpose. Magic is used to make the unlikely possible. It brings about mini-miracles and small pockets of the incredible. Just like a miracle, magic has to be part of a story. You call on magic when something is needed; when you stare into the face of the undesirable-probable and somehow pluck the impossible out of it. In stories arising from our cultural traditions, magic is at its best when it is healing the land, finding the lost, sprouting wings to carry us to far-flung kingdoms--it needs to be part of a story for the magic to be appreciated as magic. If magic is purposeless and if it happens for no reason, it is nothing more than chaos."

Blessed be.


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