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Beauty in a World Gone Mad

Beauty is not a distraction from the daily unfolding of a world that for many seems to have gone mad.

Beauty is that which is eminently greater than what we individually or collectively can be. Through the moments of awe and wonder...the moments that take our breath away through a sensory or mystical experience...we KNOW Beauty. And if we are truly "touched" through that experience we aspire to embody, enliven, or expand that connection and energy.

Beauty is the underlying geometry, harmony, intelligence, and consciousness of all that is... for lack of a better word in the moment...Good.

There is so much in our daily experience that can remind us of eminent Beauty. We see, hear, taste, smell, and feel beautiful "things or experiences" that range from a magnificent sunrise to a deeply moving poem. The sunrise is crafted by an intelligence beyond anything we can possibly attain and the poem gives life to the human potential that results from the aspiration to Beauty.

And, there is so much in our current daily experience that distorts, hides, and distracts us from the aspiration to be in relationship with Beauty.

It seems to me that there is a great danger in the loss of aspiration to Beauty. There is danger in the diminishing opportunities to be connected through our sensory experiences to something that is eminently greater and far more Beauty-filled than what creates the dangerous distraction.

If we do not KNOW Beauty we loose sight of the magnificence of a sunrise. We grow deaf to the harmony of beautiful music. We loose the taste for the sweetness of life. We ignore the fragrance of the rose. And, when we touch another human being, our hands are cold and closed to the fragility of their skin.

For me, carrying the energy of aspiration to Beauty is my calling.

Being a source or gathering place for beautiful expression is a sacred purpose.

Thankfully, I am not alone in this Good Work.


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