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  • Patricia Ballentine

The Ascent of Inanna!

Nearly 20 years ago I chose Inanna as my Goddess. In hindsight, I had no idea what that connection would mean. Today I have fully surrendered to the realization that in fact SHE was the one who chose me…not the other way around.

As an initiate into a Priestess process I was looking for an "original and ancient" myth of a Goddess to study. My search lead me to Inanna. What I ultimately reclaimed was an intimate relationship with a Deity who has been with me in past lifetimes and will take me through this lifetime…even into the next.

What I found was not just a myth but an energetic living presence.

The Goddess Inanna is with me.

Through the centuries the "story" of Inanna has evolved through translations and cultures. There are shifts that can be marked as the myth moved from oral to written through centuries of the patriarchy. One of the things that happened with the mythology of Inanna is that it was "softened" because she was just too raw and fierce.

I was in dialogue recently with someone who was speaking of her as a "possible savior” for humanity. I had to say that as Inanna made her decent into the underworld, she was not "in it" for anyone but herself. And if we can allow ourselves to be with the fullness of the decent AND ascent, maybe her journey CAN save humankind....but not because she is a heroine in the sense of one who is admired only for her “good” qualities. Inanna reminds us to look at ourselves squarely, know when to surrender and bend low and know when to stand tall in all of our raw fierceness.

Inanna went deep in order to rise. She is with us as we do the same.

Coming soon from The Girl God, a publisher of Goddess books for adults and children of all ages, is a new GirlGod Anthology titled The Ascent of Inanna: Reclaiming Female Power. I am deeply honored to be a contributing poet and artist.

Inanna’s presence is greater than the myths.

Women around the world are remembering, reclaiming, restoring, and embodying her pure essence and original intent.

I encourage you to invest in the journey through the inspiration that will surely be found within the pages of this brave work. I look forward to joining you in her honor, and in her name.

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