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  • Patricia Ballentine

Sun Gazing Meditation

Within the time between Beltane and the Summer Solstice I have focused on meditation. Not a meditation that brings me to a place of an empty mind, but a meditation that specifically impacts sight.

I have been sun gazing.

Early in the morning I sit on my porch and look to the east as the sun rises.

These days the sky is very clear blue and the sun is a bright white. I gaze for a period with eyes open, and then close my eyes to allow my mind to work with the images that play out behind my eyelids. What is unfolding through the experience relates to imagination and intuition. It is impacting my inner as well as outer sight. The higher as well as the lower.

Sun gazing meditation is a very ancient practice and there is physiological as well as metaphysical or even occult relevance.

This morning I had an awareness regarding my ongoing exploration of Beauty.

They say "seeing is believing" and what I saw this morning affirmed my belief that dark and light play equal roles in a quest for Beauty.

More will be revealed in time, but today I know I am feeling the impact of the choice....and Beauty is at hand.

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