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Sunday Sharing ﹘ Spiritual Discipline

I love the elements of studying: the process, the gathering of data, the sifting and sorting, wrestling with ideas and finding commonalities, and arriving at individual truth. For me, studying is a discipline that definitely carries over into my spiritual life. The discipline of study is a great aid in developing spiritual discipline. For example, in my review this week I spent some time with Starhawk’s (Miriam Simos) Truth or Dare, noting the following:

* Mystery is all around us, we inhabit Mystery, and Mystery is immanent.

* There are many dimensions to energy: we are made of it, it has form and movement, it can be directed through visualization, it is erotic, and it is sacred.

I have a great affinity with Starhawk’s writing:

* I believe knowledge is also an energetic power, capable of being used for good and not so good purposes.

* Any energetic working carries certain responsibilities: to know, to dare, to will, and to keep silent.

* I believe energy follows the movement of thought.

* What you feed, grows.

There are many ways to develop spiritual discipline. For me, studying is paramount, leading me to the altar, but it is seldom an easy walk. There is often a dance of competing priorities for my time and it is a remarkable day when I am free to wander and reflect amongst the books. However, it is an appointment I do keep and only cancel for grave reasons. I agree with Priestess T. Thorn Coyle when she writes that “Effective people all have some daily touchstone. If your life is not as you wish, or you are foundering spiritually, running from epiphany to being stuck, it is likely that daily practice is missing from your life.”

While I agree Mystery is all around us and, indeed, we inhabit Mystery (Starhawk), it is no mystery that a daily practice is worthwhile. Perhaps reading a few lines from an inspiring book, going for a walk and disengaging from the cares of the day, observing presence while at a task, in meditation, or participating in spiritual practices meaningful to you. I know your energetic self will thank you. I know clarity and focus will improve. I know, too, that what is fed grows.

May you grow well.

Blessed be.


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