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Holding to Beauty is Essential Work

I revisit this post today, originally written in 2021, and am first, struck by the confirmation of cycles of experience that are part of my life. And secondly, I am in a place of joy as I experience a widening network of friends and beloveds who are expanding the presence and understanding of Beauty.

Find a Wild Place.

A place where you hear the Muse above the roar between your ears.

Cry until you've cleared enough that She can get back in.

Then bring that Wild Place back inside, restoring the Deep Peace your Muse calls home.

When time and space are dramatically altered we may quickly learn that what is most elusive in our lives is that which is most connected to our deeper calling. For me, the inner wild place fills the pool of deep peace which reflects my Muse's messages and it takes attention and practice to hold the right balance. The connections to the Creative Flame and Beauty are essential to me.

The world caught up with me a few weeks ago through a rush of emotions and confusion. I moved beyond my capacity to cope and realized that BEFORE that happened...I lost my drive to create. And through a revelatory experience I was affirmed that at my core the Creative Flame is essential for me to stay present in the most productive way. And I deepened my believe that revealing Beauty in a world spinning out of control is essential for rebirth.

As I was working my way through the process I came upon my own words from some time back:

Beauty is that which is eminently greater than what we individually or collectively can be. Through the moments of awe and wonder...the moments that take our breath away through a sensory or mystical experience...we KNOW Beauty. And if we are truly "touched" through that experience we aspire to embody, enliven, or expand that energy.

I don't create Beauty. But, through my creative expressions I do fuel the field of potential for the expansion of Beauty's presence in daily life. Without my inner connection to the Muse I lost my bearings and questioned my purpose.

Connection restored, Her message was clear.

Holding to Beauty is Essential Work in these times.

I create to anchor space for Beauty as the world evolves. And, gratefully.....I am not alone in this work.

Patricia Ballentine

"The Creative Flame"


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