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Bleeding for the Beauty

She said, “I’m curious. What book shall I read that will explain the path of the Goddess?

I paused

I signed

I said…

There will not be “A book” to read. There is no single special volume of carefully edited and properly cited and referenced details that explain the path.

Nor is there one of flowing prose that gently primes the mind and heart, revealing Her magical incantations, or opens a space where you can even imagine the path of the Goddess.

No single written volume will be "the source" for you, who inquires from a place of curiosity.

But…let me take you for a walk… and I will show you a way to the path.

Now, before we take the first step you need to take off your shoes and your socks so you can dare to become raw

and open to the stones and briers along the way.

And, be willing to bleed a little or a lot

because that is what it takes to understand the Beauty of the journey.

Oh, you don’t like blood?

You are afraid you will stumble and fall if you step unprotected upon the path of the Goddess?

Oh… I see, you are curious….but not yet courageous.

There are THOUSANDS of books.

Pick one.

Pick them all.

And if the time comes that you are more than curious and you are ready to be raw and bleed…

Come again for a visit and I will take you for a walk. I will show you a way to the path of the Goddess.

And then….She will take your hand and together you will write your own book in your own blood…

And you will understand.

1 Comment

Apr 05, 2020

I am so glad I met you this year! Now I can "have lunch" with you instead of turning on the TV!

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