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Of course this is not a call to be reckless. Rather, it is a call to develop our minds and hearts in a way that sparks healthy and passionate actions and thoughts.

If you are:

  • Exploring tools to support your personal transformation 

  • Seeking inspirational words and images

  • Desiring community that is encouraging and uplifting


We may have something to offer you!

The Creative Flame is the sacred space within each being through which true inspiration is received and expressed. It is the spark ignited which radiates forth when our own unique expression of imagination and passion aligns with the magic and mystery of our lives. 

Imagination can raise us up or tear us down.


It is something that we all have and use everyday. When we anticipate a next step we are imagining what an outcome may be. When we resist taking an action we may be imagining the future will look like the past. The challenge is to imagine the higher turn rather than being held back by imagining the worst.  

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